Private Parties

Are you searching for an elegant but energetic setting to serve as the venue for your small private event or private dinner party? When you live and work in dynamic Green Bay, the city offers you so many options for finding dining and reservations — but for the most special of events and intimate occasions, you want a classy fine dining environment that combines tasteful elegance with vibrant energy to both honor the occasion and instill excitement.

You might think such a setting only exists in ideals — but as Green Bay’s newest fine dining experience, The Walnut Room is here to deliver everything you dream of in a restaurant reservation in Green Bay.

Located in the historic, revitalized Hotel Northland in the heart of Green Bay, our downtown dining experience offers you the class and formality of yesteryear-era fine dining with the color and energy of a contemporary setting. Combined with a local flair, we offer you the freshest, finest flavors in the city when you book us for your restaurant reservation in Green Bay.

Private Restaurant Events

A special occasion calls for a unique setting, and when you’re seeking a restaurant with a private party room or banquet hall in Green Bay, WI, for your important event, The Walnut Room knows how to make your evening exactly what you’re imagining. With a classy but colorful ambiance that combines authentic Green Bay flavors with the fusion of the city’s history and present, we offer you the high-spirited and tasteful eating experience of our main dining room in a private setting just for your party.

The Walnut Room is perfect for occasions such as:

  • Graduation Parties: Celebrate the commencement of a high school or college graduate with the whole family by booking a private restaurant event at The Walnut Room.
  • Wedding and Baby Showers: When you’ve got big news to announce, our restaurant with a private party room is the perfect place to celebrate.
  • Intimate Wedding Receptions: Your wedding itself might take place in a larger venue, but for your reception, an intimate dining party in The Walnut Room will make the fondest memories for you and your guests.
  • Corporate Events: Planning a business banquet, team-building discussion or presentation? Find the privacy and the elegant atmosphere you need at The Walnut Room.

Local, Sustainable Food

When you make a restaurant reservation in Green Bay for a private event at The Walnut Room, you won’t just book a beautiful ambiance — you’ll get a taste of the freshest flavors and finest menu items with a local flair. Because we’re passionate about our city, we source only sustainable, seasonal ingredients from local sources in Green Bay, supporting the city’s economy, making connections with other local businesses and making sure your meals bring you the most authentic taste of Green Bay. Every unique menu item is infused with both the city’s signature seasonal flavors and the Walnut Room’s passion for our home — what better cuisine to celebrate your special occasion in the city?

Book Your Next Private Restaurant Event

Whatever the occasion, we promise you a private dining experience draped in elegance, infused with energy and full of fresh flavors and local flair. Make your reservation at The Walnut Room today.

Check out our private dining policies & procedures for more information.