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A Modern Take on a Classic Green Bay Tradition

Hotel Northland opened its doors in Green Bay on March 21, 1924, and quickly became the largest hotel in Wisconsin. It was the go-to spot for all the city's major community, social, and family events, serving as the hub of Green Bay’s downtown. It even hosted the Green Bay Packers during Vince Lombardi’s reign and provided the platform for some of the most famous speeches in football history.

Today, Hotel Northland is a modern classic, offering a perfect blend of old and new. Its rich history and character make it a unique and inviting destination that connects the past to the present. The elegant and impressive hotel embodies the best of Green Bay, with warm and welcoming hospitality, authentic cordiality, and an unrelenting pride in its football heritage.

The Walnut Room, a stunning space within the hotel, is a testament to the city's history. Here, diners can enjoy the energy of the room and take in the broadsides that once announced momentous civic events, sporting achievements, and history-making commercial exploits. These relics from the past, inked on newsprint manufactured in one of the many local paper mills, have been given new life and are now on display for all to enjoy.

The Walnut Room has long been a Green Bay institution, hosting generations of families for important life events. Today, it continues that tradition, inviting you to celebrate your own milestones in this iconic setting.

Come experience the nostalgia, elegance, and rich history of Hotel Northland. Create new memories while paying homage to the generations that came before you.


I love what I do and seeing our work family grow and develop along with making so many people happy with our creativity and joy.

Ashley Nero, Executive Chef

My Culinary Journey: Ascending from Cook to Executive Chef

My unwavering passion for culinary arts led me to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant and Hotel Management upon completing high school. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, I started as a line cook and gradually climbed the professional ladder through hard work and determination. My dedication paid off, and I was promoted in every role, eventually attaining the coveted position of Sous Chef. From there, my focus shifted to becoming an Executive Chef, which I achieved, holding the position for over five years before taking a brief hiatus.

Throughout my career, I have worked with prominent corporate hotel chains such as Radisson, Hyatt, and Marriott, as well as independent restaurants. I also served as the Executive Chef at a country club for two years, where I oversaw a large-scale operation for the region, such as conference and convention centers accommodating up to 2,100 people. Additionally, I traveled with Hyatt to train staff and improve their culinary skills.

about the food

The Walnut Room is the essence of fine dining. We offer an elevated contemporary cuisine featuring steaks, seafood and features of the day. We source our ingredients with local vendors to have the highest quality freshness and natural ingredients. Our products are house made to insure the best flavor for your enjoyment.

Enjoy your meal with a fine bottle of wine from our Wine Spectator award winning list. Our list features all varietals that come from around the world.




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