Heading out for an upscale evening on the town in Green Bay? When you’re out and about in the city enjoying museums and attractions, attending a sporting event, winding down after work or exploring the area, there’s no better way to end the evening than with a fresh, excellent meal in a setting that inspires and invigorates you. Step into The Walnut Room, an elegant, energetic, upscale dinner restaurant in Green Bay where you can enjoy the flavors and ambiance of the city’s yesteryear with a local contemporary twist.

Located in the historic, revitalized Hotel Northland in the heart of downtown Green Bay, the Walnut Room offers a unique, inspiring formal setting fused with a classy but contemporary ambiance. Whether you’re a hungry hotel guest, a tourist craving an upscale meal with a local twist, or a resident looking for high-end dinner restaurants or date-night dinner spots in Green Bay, you’ll be inspired, enchanted and impressed by the fresh flavors and elegant experience The Walnut Room has made all its own.

Savor an Upscale Dinner in Downtown Green Bay

Welcome to our elegant, energetic fine dining eatery and bar, where we transform your senses and tastes with an authentic contemporary eating experience tinged with a touch of yesteryear. With our enticing, entirely original menu and classy, colorful atmosphere, we immerse you in the rich history of our city and our hotel while treating you to the fresh flavors of Green Bay.

Our passion for our city and its heritage inspires every aspect of our restaurant and means we serve nothing but the most exquisite handcrafted meals and high-quality drinks — and we make all our menu items only with seasonal, locally-grown ingredients to serve you the freshest, most nutritional flavors while supporting our area’s economy and connecting with our local growers. Our fresh, seasonal Green Bay ingredients and impeccable menu standards combine to give you a unique taste of the city. Choose from our delicious fine dining and upscale drink options, including:

  • Steak: Sink your teeth into our satisfying steak cuts for a hearty dinner.
  • Seafood: Experience the fresh flavors of our finest seafood options.
  • Local American Food: Craving a classic American meal? The Walnut Room makes your favorites even more mouthwatering with our seasonal ingredients and unique culinary flair.
  • Local Green Bay Food: Taste the heart of Green Bay when you order our expertly-prepared Wisconsin classics.
  • Handcrafted Drinks: Pair your fine dinner with one of our hand-crafted, unique cocktails, local craft brews or hand-selected fine wines.

Green Bay’s Finest Flavors

Wherever you’re from and whatever kind of food meets your fancy, your search for the best dinner restaurants in downtown Green Bay ends here. With a unique, classy local flair, a historical twist and a menu of the most inspiring meals and delicious drinks, The Walnut Room is here to instill your eating experience with invigoration, inspiration and energetic enjoyment. Enter our fresh, flavorful world, savor an authentic taste of Green Bay and dine with us today at The Walnut Room in The Hotel Northland.