Breakfast Menu

Fresh Morning with Green Bay

Ready for a fresh morning of exploring the town, seeing the sights and taking in the unique flavors of Green Bay? Whether you live in our vibrant city or you’re here for a visit, there’s no better way to start the day than by savoring a Green Bay style breakfast before you take in the attractions or head to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re dining solo, having a breakfast date, gathering with a group of friends or beginning your workday — you’re likely looking for the best breakfast restaurant in Green Bay.

When you’re searching for superb service, impeccable ambiance and fantastic food, The Walnut Room will become your new favorite place to get breakfast in Green Bay. Located in the revitalized historic Hotel Northland in the heart of Green Bay’s downtown area, our restaurant embodies a bold and energetic but always elegant ambiance that combines classic and contemporary with a lively touch of yesteryear. Morning fine dining has never been so tasteful and inspiring.

The Best Breakfast Restaurant in Green Bay

Whether you’re a guest at the Hotel Northland, a Green Bay resident or a tourist looking for an invigorating, mouthwatering morning meal, The Walnut Room welcomes you with warmth, a refreshing perspective and a full flavor experience. Through your tastes and senses, we aim to offer you an elegant eating experience that transports you to the vibrancy and color of the hotel’s past while instilling you with confidence in our modern capabilities and contemporary flair. Our classy ambiance combines a formal setting with a colorfully energetic spirit to treat you to a taste of Green Bay’s history and flavors.

The Walnut Room is passionate about our heritage and our city, and we instill that local love and inspiration into every dish by using nothing but the freshest seasonal foods from local sources. Sourcing our ingredients from Green Bay growers and markets supports our economy and other local businesses while ensuring our customers bite into the freshest, most flavorful and nutritious meals possible.

Freshen your day with anything from our inspiring breakfast menu. Your options include:

  • Enticing Eggs: How do you like your eggs? Whether you prefer scrambled, over easy, omelets or eggs benedict, you’re sure to love our egg options.
  • Fluffy Waffles and Pancakes: Dig into your favorite comfort food Green Bay-style! Our griddle items are made with the most delicious fruits, syrups and toppings.
  • Sides and Signature Items: From breakfast frittatas, corned beef hash and chimichurri to sticky buns, salmon, bagels and smoothies, our breakfast menu has so much for you to explore.

Begin Your Day With a Beautiful Breakfast Experience

Wherever you’re from and whatever your Green Bay experience has been like so far, The Walnut Room is the place to go for an incredible meal. With a classy touch of yesteryear and a contemporary local flair, our restaurant will introduce you to all the best Green Bay flavors as you begin your day. Enter our elegant, energetic world and savor our local food when you stop in for breakfast at The Walnut Room today.