Our Location

Are you hungry and on the hunt for good places to eat in Green Bay, WI? Whether you’re interested in its culture, history, attractions or activities, Green Bay offers no shortage of things to explore. If you’re a tourist trying to make the most of a short stay or a resident enjoying everything the city has to offer on your day off, exploration and activity all day can make you especially anxious to sit down and savor a satisfying meal from a Downtown Green Bay restaurant.

Located at 304 N. Adams St. in the historic Hotel Northland, The Walnut Room offers a flavorful fine-dining experience steeped in a historical setting with a contemporary flair. When you step off the street and into our world of local ingredients, handcrafted cocktails and other signature features, you’ll swear you’ve found the best food in Green Bay.

Best of all, our prime location is situated conveniently close to a variety of the city’s main attractions, making it simple for you to reach your tourist destinations. Dining in Green Bay doesn’t get more delicious or easily accessible.

Discover Downtown Green Bay Before You Dine

When you’re wondering where to eat in Green Bay, The Walnut Room offers the fresh flavor, sustainable ingredients, unique dishes and classy but contemporary atmosphere you’re craving — as well as convenient proximity to some of the city’s most exciting attractions and offerings. When you dine at The Walnut Room, you’re seated only minutes or short miles from Green Bay locations like the Neville Public Museum, Meyer Theater, the Resch Center, the Brown County Central Library, The Children’s Museum, The National Railroad Museum, Lambeau Field and more.

Plus, eating at The Walnut Room restaurant in Green Bay doesn’t just place you close to the city’s landmarks — it places you in one. Our 1920s-inspired restaurant is located in The Northland Hotel, a revitalized historic building that serves as a stop on the Packers Heritage Trail.

Home for the Big Game

If you’re a football fan, The Walnut Room’s fine-dining experience puts you in a prime position to absorb Green Bay’s sporting spirit and tradition. Our beloved fan-owned team was founded in 1919, progressing to play in the NFL from 1921 and surviving almost a decade with the support of loyal Green Bay residents.

Opened in 1924, The Hotel Northland’s rich history is still closely connected to team traditions. Hosting away teams, political figures and Packers Heritage Trail explorers while in operation, the hotel supported both the city and its home team. As it reopens its doors with the addition of The Walnut Room, it continues to keep that tradition alive.

Fresh Flavor, Fantastic Location

Our local restaurant in Green Bay offers more than an easily accessible location — we also support the community by incorporating the freshest, most flavorful local ingredients in our dishes. Get a taste of Green Bay when you plan your fine-dining experience at The Walnut Room today.